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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Strawberry Chicken Salad Recipe & More

Eating lite is something everyone thinks about when the new year starts.  You can include me in that club.  I'm back to drinking more of my apple and cinnamon metabolism boosting water.
Eating healthy doesn't have to be a major pain.  Take this strawberry salad I whipped up.  Fast and ummmm, is it delicious.  I love fresh baby spinach in my salad. You know if you're eating something so green it has to be good for you, but really it's the taste that gets me - love it!  Here's a picture before the salad dressing gets added.
Now just look how appetizing it looks with the salad dressing. Un-hun!!
Let me tell you it's so easy to make.  Here's the recipe:
Water is a natural detoxifier. We all know that we should be drinking about eight 8-ounces of water daily to flush toxins from our body, but I don't really enjoy water plus I have a cocoa-cola addiction.  I also don't care for bottled flavored water, but I honesty love this apple cinnamon water.  I've been drinking it for a few months now.  It's helped me cut a lot of coke out of my diet.
This is so simple your cat could do it.  Well, maybe not but it's really simple.  All the recipes I've read don't include the step of boiling the cinnamon water, but I found it made the flavor a little bit more pronounced.  This beverage has a very subtle favor even then.  And I love breathing in the scent every time I take a sip.  Here's the recipe:
I gained a few pounds over the holidays with all the goodies around.  I'm not about to cut all of the sweets out, but I am trying to clean up my diet a little.  That with the added walking and the sit-ups I've been doing every night, should put me back on track and is doable.  Plus, it makes me feel better.

Did any of you gain weight over the holidays?  If so, are you doing anything to lose it?  Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear your tips.

Have a blessed Sunday and enjoy Y'all...
Six days you are to do your work but on the seventh day you shall cease from labor so that your ox and your donkey may rest and the son of your female slave, as well as your stranger, may refresh themselves.
                                      ~ Exodus 23:12


  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe, it looks delicious and beautiful with the red strawberries. I love the Apple/Cinnamon water.


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  3. Hi Willa. So you've found the secret to delicious water too! Thanks for the sweet comment. This salad is so good. I hope you try it.